Infrastructure Management and DevOps Professionals

Meet your multitasking, bulletproof IT solution: An open source framework built to optimize operations and maximize potential. We’re revolutionizing Infrastructure Asset Management from the ground up - from automatic deployment to security and integration, RobotInfra Never Sleeps.


As your 24 hour watchdog, RobotInfra monitors, protects and reports all system activities, so you never lose a wink of sleep worrying about problems off the clock. We compile all of your infrastructure specifics into concise documentation, formulas and metrics. You can select the level of the management based on your needs and budget.


Running a clean DevOps team is important to your infrastructure’s security and health. But resources and projects are often too sporadic to hire full-time assistance. Save time and money with our DevOps professionals, who come equipped with a wide range of expertise, tools and resources to help with basic and complex projects alike.


RobotInfra’s stack comes loaded with all of the tools you need to manage and track your infrastructure. In other words, it provides you with a 24-hour VIP employee to bring you something invaluable - peace of mind! Designed for power and flexibility, it includes Automation, Backups, Monitoring and Alerts, Security, Privacy and Testing.

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